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Cog1 - Case Study - Robson Homes

Case Studies—Robson Homes

Brand Awareness and Lead Gen for a Local Real Estate Developer

Robson Homes came to Cog1 to help increase their local brand awareness and help boost lead generation for their beautiful South Bay homes.

We created a digital marketing strategy focused highly on tailored content, social engagement, and lead generation.

Utilizing Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin channels, we were able to increase the company’s reach and further solidify the brand as a superior real estate developer in the San Jose, Bay Area.


  1. 01. Connect with a saturated real estate market
  2. 02. Start the sell phase of $1,500,000+ homes
  3. 03. Boost the brand value and image
  4. 04. Discover creative ways to engage targets


We wanted to know everything about Robson Homes’ clients. Robson had a limited digital presence. We began by doing a deep dive into resources they had available; client surveys, print & direct mail, past home buyers, etc. to better understand the brand’s current audience.

We processed this information created personas and unique audiences to target digital platforms that we chose to use for their strategy.

Our focus was to begin with their organic social presence and move into SEM & paid traffic campaigns. From an organic standpoint, we established a content mix combining tips & trends in home buying, onsite home construction, interior design, adjacent content (such as brands that they use within their home construction), the Robson Homes community both within their direct offices and amongst the South Bay community, and social media trends (#tbt, #fbf, etc.)


Analysis of the Social Media Marketing Landscape

Robson Homes was unfamiliar with the digital marketing landscape, and hadn’t even considered putting together a digital or social strategy for their brand. We did a deep dive into the non-digital resources that they did have available; client surveys, print media & direct mail, past home buyers, etc. to better understand the brand’s current audience.

This information was used to build personas that were more effective than the broad demographic descriptors that Robson Homes had collected from past purchases and surveys. We used a humanizing approach, one that wasn’t slathered with marketing jibber-jabber and were on point and easy for the client to understand.


Digital Strategy Focused on Social Media Marketing

We established a content mix combining tips & trends in home buying, onsite home construction, interior design, adjacent content (i.e. brands used for home construction), the Robson Homes community within their direct offices and the South Bay community, and social media trends (#tbt, #fbf, etc.)

By applying social listening techniques, we used the overall mood of their followers and looked beyond the numbers to get a feel for the audience’s feeling & tone, their competitors and related industries, and who their followers were following. Knowing this qualitative data, we continuously posted content our followers wanted to engage with regularly, amplifying the messaging in our ads, and learned from these sentiment analytics.


Focused Targeting, Campaigns, Content, and Lookalike Audiences for Specific Demographics

Lookalike audiences reveal customer interests and behaviors. Data from Robson’s high value clients provided a custom database that allowed platforms to create new audiences based on interests & behaviors. We harnessed materials & brands use in their homes to create adjacent content that could appeal to fans & followers, and large brands, such as Koehler would share on their channels.

We used a SEM/paid traffic BCS triangle approach, which allowed entry and lead gen at multiple points of the funnel. The top section focused on branding, the middle on leads, and the bottom on smart retargeting.

Budgets allocation for each section of the funnel were as follows, spend 10-20% on branding, spend 50-70% on conversions (leads), and spend the remaining 10-40% on smart retargeting.


Collect Digital Marketing Data to Help Robson Apply to Other Marketing Initiatives

Our goal was to gain powerful insights within follower post content. They were engaging with us, so this info made it easy for us to access, apply social listening, and measure.

Actionable insights were transformed into insightful visualizations. We learned about new markets and targeted through SEM and paid traffic campaigns, successfully creating many leads for their sales team. We analyzed quantitative campaign data, and mapped those goals to specific marketing analytics, specifically sales leads.

We consistently tested and optimized campaigns weekly.


Our campaigns were able to generate leads for the sales team and 12 confirmed sales for Robson Homes throughout their available locations in the South Bay area. Valuable data was collected for the marketing team to use for future initiatives.

  • 1.5%Traffic turned into leads
  • 15,000Unique website views per month
  • 2.5%Average CTR per traffic campaign
  • Valuable DataUncovered valuable audience data in the local area to apply to other marketing initiatives

“Cog1 helped us to understand who our audience is, how to efficiently target them, and how to create content & campaigns that inspire, intrigue and educate our buyers.”

—Sara Breneman
Robson Homes - Director of Marketing






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