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Cog1 - Case Study - United States Marine Corps MLV for Launch Forth

Case Studies—United States Marine Corps MLV for Launch Forth

Time to Power Up with the United States Marine Corps

Launch Forth is a design and engineering co-creation community by Local Motors. As Launch Forth’s digital marketing agency, Cog1 strategized, designed, managed, and reported on campaigns to support the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Modular Logistics Vehicle (MLV) project and drive innovation in vehicle technology.

Through focused target audiences on multiple channels, Cog1 continues to generate high levels of new project members, design entries, and ongoing engagement for Launch Forth projects.


  1. 01. Find target audiences among a broad market
  2. 02. Design within Marine Corps limitations
  3. 03. Craft the best messages to generate interest
  4. 04. Keep creators engaged throughout the project


Cog1 worked closely with Launch Forth project leadership to develop a strategy to drive platform sign ups and community engagement on the USMC MLV concept and technical design challenges.

To begin our plan, we utilized key audience insights, provided by Deloitte, and our own research to build personas and audience profiles.

Creative and content was produced based on this information to engage with our audiences across multiple channels. We held weekly reporting meetings to analyze data. This data first approach allowed us to exceed our goals while optimizing budgets.


Analytics Helped us Optimize Audience Targets

Audience data collected through our own audit, research, and Deloitte data provided our team with a clear understanding of the initial audience we intended to reach. Being a technical design project for the USMC, we had a broad range of personas available as targets.

Once the USMC ad campaigns were launched, we immediately implemented our workflow. Monitoring, reporting, data analysis, and optimization allowed us to manipulate the campaign to best target audiences across multiple journeys onto the Launch Forth platform.


Campaign Style Guide Approved for the Campaign

To get the most out of our audience targeting, we created a campaign style guide to maintain consistency across channels and also allow for flexibility as ad set goals dictated. By accessing the USMC asset repository, we had a variety of approved photos to add to our designs.


Tested and Improved Ad Messages Weekly

While it’s possible to set it and forget it, this is something that we don’t recommend. For the USMC MLV, we monitored campaigns daily and performed weekly reviews of our ad set data in order to learn what content appealed most to the target audiences.

This detailed ad management workflow allowed us to deliver the most engaging content and messaging to potential platform users. We also built a following within the Launch Forth community through engagement with our brand advocates.


Project Schedule and Events to Generate Interest at Each Phase of the Campaign

Defining and mapping the customer journey is essential to planning and realizing opportunities for delivering against customer experience objectives.

The USMC MLV challenges provided a perfect roadmap for creating a campaign around engaging community experiences. Cog1 worked with the Launch Forth team to define key events and build a campaign timeline. We helped create a buzz and provided users with an exciting and professional experience. A highlight was an awesome Facebook Live event streamed from Fathom to annouce the USMC MLV challenge winners.


There was so much engagement for the USMC MLV project that a special Facebook Live Event production was held at Fathom to present the top entries. Cog1 received great praise and interest from high ranking USMC Generals that also followed the project progress and entries.

Another win for The United States Marine Corps and the Launch Forth Community!

  • 300%Increase in project members
  • 400%Increase in design entries
  • 250,000Landing page views
  • 15,000New page followers
  • 10%Average below all budgets while exceeding all campaign goals

“We’ve received great praise from Marine Corps Generals on this project, which is a big win.”

—Austin Baker
Launch Forth - USMC Project Director



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