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Case Studies—Allianz

Breaking Records with Adaptive Sports Technology

Launch Forth is a design and engineering co-creation community by Local Motors. As Launch Forth’s digital marketing agency, Cog1 strategized, created, managed, and reported on campaigns to support the Allianz Super Human Sports project and make advancements in adaptive sports technology.

Through focused target audiences on multiple channels, Cog1 continues to generate high levels of new project members, design entries, and ongoing engagement for Launch Forth projects.


  1. 01. Discover best audiences for unique project
  2. 02. Multiple messages across audiences
  3. 03. Keep creators engaged throughout the project
  4. 04. Build interest and engagement within a short campaign schedule


Cog1 teamed with Launch Forth leadership and creative teams to develop a strategy that would drive platform sign ups and community engagement for the Allianz Super Human Sports concept and technical design challenges.

We leveraged key audience data to build personas and audience profiles. Creative and content was produced based on this information to engage with our audiences across multiple channels.

We held weekly reporting meetings to report and analyze campaign data. This data first approach allowed us to deliver more relevant ads and exceed our goals while optimizing budgets.


Build Persona Profiles to Build a Solid Target Base

Our first step in building our campaign strategy was to understand our audience. We wanted to appeal to creators interested in defying limitations and breaking barriers. To organize our audience data, we used personas based on these types of people across multiple interests and disciplines; sport, design, technology, and science.

Powered with key audience data, we had a solid base to begin creating content, messaging, and targeting users and creators for the Launch Forth community.


Create, Test, and Improve Messaging Frequently

Cog1 takes a very hands on approach to our digital marketing campaigns. “Set it and forget it” is not an option we recommend. For Allianz Super Human Sports, we monitored campaigns daily and performed weekly reviews of our ad set data in order to learn what content appealed most to the target audiences.

This detailed ad management workflow allowed us to deliver the most engaging content and messaging to potential platform users. We also built a following within the Launch Forth community through engagement with our brand advocates.


Project Schedule and Events to Generate Interest at Each Phase of the Campaign

Defining and mapping the customer journey is essential to planning and realizing opportunities for delivering against customer experience objectives.

The Allianz Super Human Sports challenges provided a perfect roadmap for creating a campaign around engaging community experiences. Cog1 worked with the Launch Forth team to define key events and build a campaign timeline. We helped create a buzz and provided users with an exciting and
professional experience.


Monitored Campaign Data to put Budget in the Highest Converting Channels and Ad Sets

The best part about our data analysis is that we can now see activity in real time. Monitoring digital marketing campaigns can be very exciting.

To get the most out of our budgets and exceed KPI goals, we continuously monitor, analyze, and optimize the campaign across all channels. We start with a plan and evolve by allocating budget to the best performing channels and ad sets. The Allianz Super Human Sports campaign was able to exceed all goals while staying within all monthly budgets.


In a short period, Allianz and Launch Forth were surprised to see how the campaign increased traffic, new accounts, and engagement by a such a large amount. The Super Human Sports digital marketing campaign helped provide Allianz one of the highest quality and most diverse group of entries ever at Launch Forth. This momentum carried over into other projects, which is exactly what they had envisioned for the community.

We’re breaking records with adaptive sports technology!

  • 400%Over goal of new project members
  • 200%Increase in design entries
  • 60,000Landing page views
  • 5,000New page followers

“This challenge has received 3 times more entries than we had originally expected and a ton of engagement in the community.”

—Alex Rees
Launch Forth - Allianz Project Director






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