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Case Studies—Siemens

Engagement Through Solid Edge CAD Software Offering

Cog1 worked with Siemens to create a promotional campaign around their new Solid Edge CAD software. The goal was to collect audience data that could help determine new target markets for future
campaign projects.

Our work also helped to engage and inspire the Launch Forth community to think about how today’s innovations in transportation technology-everything from flying cars to autonomous vehicles to the Hyperloop, will influence the mobility of our future.


  1. 01. Determine successful audience reach
  2. 02. Test audiences with continuous optimization
  3. 03. Understand product features to promote
  4. 04. Create lift through brand awareness
  5. 05. Work within a reduced budget and timeline


Cog1 teamed with Launch Forth leadership and creative teams to develop a strategy that would drive platform sign-ups and community engagement for the Siemens Future of Mobility concept and technical design challenges.

We leveraged key audience data to build personas and audience profiles. Creative and content was produced based on this information and community inspiration to engage with our audiences across multiple channels.

We held weekly reporting meetings to report and analyze campaign data. This data first approach allowed us to deliver more relevant ads and exceed our goals while optimizing budgets.


Build Persona Profiles to Estimate Reach 

Our first step in building our campaign strategy was to understand our audience. Following the spirit of Launch Forth, we wanted to appeal to creators interested in defying limitations and breaking technological barriers. To organize our audience data, we used personas based on these types of people across multiple interests and disciplines; robotics, design, technology, and science.

Powered with key audience data, we had a solid base to begin creating content, messaging, and targeting users and creators for the Launch Forth community.


Create, Test, Learn, and Improve Messaging Frequently

Cog1 takes a very hands on approach to our digital marketing campaigns. “Set it and forget it” is not an option we recommend. For Siemens Future of Mobility, we monitored campaigns daily and performed weekly reviews of our ad set data in order to learn what content appealed most to the target audiences.

This detailed ad management workflow allowed us to deliver the most engaging content, both branded and organic, and messaging to potential platform users. We also built a following within the Launch Forth community through engagement with our brand advocates.


Promote Software Features Along with Offerings

A key component of this project was a free software offering; the Siemens Solid Edge 3D CAD software. Launch Forth community members had the opportunity to download the software.

We created content for features and use cases of the Solid Edge software. This inspired creators to test the software or submit an entry for the Future of Mobility project. This boosted engagement, as everyone was interested in what the community created using
the software.

Downloads for the Siemens Solid Edge 3D CAD have exceeded 1,500.


Utilized a Gated Form to Collect Information

As part of our digital marketing goals, we wanted to see how many Launch Forth current community members and new sign ups were interested in the free Siemens Solid Edge 3D CAD software offering. We set up a form to gate the download and collect community data.

Data collection included interests, software features, and platform specific questions. This information was used to improve the platform, digital marketing efforts, and for the Siemens marketing team data.


Monitored Campaign Closely to Put Budget in the Channels and Highest Converting Ad sets

The best part about our data analysis is that we can now see activity in real time. Monitoring digital marketing campaigns can be very exciting.

To get the most out of our budgets and exceed KPI goals, we continuously monitor, analyze, and optimize the campaign across all channels. We start with a plan and evolve by allocating budget to the best performing channels and ad sets. The Siemens Future of Mobility campaign was able to exceed all goals while staying within all monthly budgets.


This campaign was very successful for Siemens and the Solid Edge Software marketing team. The ROI and key data collection was significant compared to goals. The software offering was an awesome bonus for new creators on the Launch Forth platform which in tune helped us retarget users of the CAD download for future challenges. Creators experienced the new software product while envisioning the future of mobility.

Siemens and Launch Forth decided to continue the free software download campaign through the end of 2018.

  • 300,000New user data collected
  • 6,000New page likes
  • 150,000Siemens Solid Edge Software product downloads
  • Valuable DataUncovered valuable audience data including; location, age, interests, devices, and industry

“Cog1 found unique audiences and targeted interests through persona development that we didn’t even consider.”

—Brenton Murray
Launch Forth - Siemens Project Director



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