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Cog1 - Case Study - Institutional Real Estate Inc.

Case Studies—Institutional Real Estate Inc.

Publication, Communication and eCommerce

IREI came to update their website design, features, functionality and marketing integrations . We worked with key stakeholders to design a great user experience for their customers and a robust, but easily manageable WordPress CMS for their team.

The site includes a custom publication and subscription e-commerce system that allows customers to digest publications, issues and articles as they choose.


  1. 01. Determine successful audience reach
  2. 02. Test audiences with continuous optimization
  3. 03. Understand product features to promote
  4. 04. Create lift through brand awareness
  5. 05. Work within a reduced budget and timeline


One of our largest websites to date, Irei .com is more than it seems . On the surface, this website has a nice, clean design tailored to let the content do the talking . But below the surface, this is a well-oiled publication, eCommerce machine built to drive sales and subscriptions all while being entirely manageable by the IREI team.

Complete with WordPress CMS, eCommerce system, Marketo and Salesforce integration, GDPR compliance, Ad management, and more, Irei .com was a great project . We continue to work with the IREI team for support, new features, security, and testing.


Migration from Custom Built CMS to WordPress

Our plan was to build the new website using the WordPress CMS. This is a staple of our business and a successful solution for our clients.

One of the first big steps we took for Irei .com was to migrate all of their existing, custom built, database content to a new WordPress SQL database. This included mapping the custom architecture and creating a more optimized solution that would allow IREI to easily scale their system.


Migration of eCommerce to WooCommerce

Another major part of the website build and database migration was changing the eCommerce system. We recommend WooCommerce, a WordPress eCommerce system that we recommend to our clients. Utilizing this system, we were able to extend the scalability and flexibility of the database to the eCommerce system which is one of the major features of the website.


Complete Website Redesign

We started from the drawing board to envision the new Irei .com website . Our design and development teams created a content strategy, sitemap, and UX designs before beginning to create a visual identity for the website. Our design and development teams work together at this stage in order to discover the best solutions for each feature of the website. This saves us time down the road, as we have a fully comprehensive view of how the website will be built.


Multiple Publications & Microsites

Publications are the most important part of the experience. IREI customers come to the website for the information. We built a robust publication subscription and eCommerce system for the website and across multiple microsite that customers could easily navigate within a single domain.

At an administration level, the IREI team can manage the enitre website down to to each field in a publication. This allows their team to focus on what they do best and not have to be concerned with “building and administrating a large website”. We continue to support IREI daily.


Publication Conversion Flow

Part of the publication system is a seamless conversion flow designed to allow customers to sign up, subscribe, and manage all of their subscriptions in one place.

Along with this, the website is now GDPR compliant as of May 25, 2018.

Results: was a successful website project and one of our largest endeavors. The entire first phase took 6 months to reach deployment. Publication subscriptions and revenues have increased for IREI since launching this website, which is a major part of their business model.

We continue to work with the IREI team on a daily basis.

  • 200%Increase in publication subscriptions
  • 300%More time visitors spend on the website
  • User ExperienceVisitors can now navigate the website comfortably, which increases time on the website and reduces the bounce rate

“This has been a major boost to our digital product offering. We continue work with Cog1 on a daily basis to produce digital solutions.”

—Sandy Terranova
IREI - VP of Marketing



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