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Cog1 - Case Study - Phantom by Bogle

Case Studies—Phantom by Bogle

Bringing Home the Legend of the Phantom

Phantom, a Bogle Vineyards sub brand targeting a new demographic, offers premium wines inspired by a mysterious family legend. Cog1 was tasked with planning, designing, and developing a new website to present the wine and unique brand story.


  1. 01. Create content around the wines and Phantom brand story
  2. 02. Visualize the Phantom brand story in a website format
  3. 03. Build functionality to easily locate Phantom wines
  4. 04. Get to the top of Google search


The Phantom website was our first project working with the Bogle team. We were able to build a connection quickly through team discovery workshops. Everyone brought something to the table and we gathered valuable information about the project, brand, customers, and goals.

The brand is based on a family legend and this dictacted part of the design. Customer and product research also influenced our design system, as the brand has a dark feel, but the product is a fine wine meant for every wine enthusiast.

Features include a store locator, trade & media system, and WordPress CMS.


Discovery Phase to Learn More About the Brand, Collect Assets, and Phantom Customers

Workshops were held to learn about the brand, customers, product, and project goals. Phantom Red had been available for a few years, but the Phantom Chardonnay was going to be a new release for the product line.

We worked closely with the Bogle team to build a comprehensive knowledge base before starting planning, copywriting, and design.


Create a Design and Message to Bring the Existing Brand to Life in a Digital Format

Our website design goals were to bring the Phantom brand to life and present customers with a unique and knowledgable experience. The vision is based on giving the user the feeling that they are taking a location tour to learn more about the Phantom wine and story.

Visual design included a blend of dark and light elements to present the mysterious brand story while providing a welcoming look and feel. Video backgrounds, storytelling, and product information balance the content to create a complete experience.

Professional brand photography boosted the production value to create a high quality design.


Store Locator Search and Mapping System

Where do I find Phantom wines? This was something that we needed to solve for customers. Our teams designed and developed a store location system in WordPress to locate wines at stores in a specific address or zipcode.

The store locator database is populated from distribution data. This allows us to provide up-to-date results for both the Phantom Red and Phantom Chardonnay availability.


Trade & Media System to Support Visitors and Administrative Use Cases

The Phantom wines brand included a wide range of trade and media assets to be used by advertisers, public relations, and marketing.

To make it easier to manage and share this content, we created a Trade & Media post type and management system powered by the WordPress CMS.

Users can locate specific files to download or get the entire file system all at once using a Download All button.


Perform an SEO Audit and Implement Website Standards

This was the firsts dedicated web presence for the Phantom brand. Launching a great website is awesome, but we also want people to view it. Cog1 performed a full SEO audit and optimization exercise for the Phantom digital system.

We optimized all onsite content and keywords, created offsite backlinks, and built citations. This boosted the domain to the first page in all of our key search words in Google.

Results: is the home for the digital Phantom wines brand. Our team worked with Bogle to produce impactful results for the brand. Coupled with a focused digital marketing campaign, we were able to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and sales.

By March of 2018, within 4 months of the website launch, Phantom Chardonnay was sold out nationwide.

  • #1Google searches for all Phantom targeted keywords
  • Sold Outof 2018 Phantom Chardonnay nationwide within 4 months of the website launch
  • Online BrandProduced a unique, new web presence for the Phantom wines brand awareness

“A digital presence exactly what the Phantom brand needed. We sold out of 2017 Phantom Red!”

—Eric Ariyoshi
Bogle Vineyards - Director of Marketing