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Cog1 - Case Study - Corrus

Case Studies—Corrus

Harmonious Brand Identity

Newgen Software needed a brand name and identity for their new project management software. Cog1 performed discovery sessions, research groups, collaborative brand identity exercises, and design. Our work produced the name, Corrus, which reflects the product mission of helping teams work in harmony.

Along with the brand name, we produced the tone, logo, color palette, typography, iconography, and trademark rules for the new Corrus brand.


  1. 01. A competitive marketplace for the new brand
  2. 02. Creating a unique brand name that customers recognize
  3. 03. Designing a memorable logo to represent the brand
  4. 04. Producing a brand identity guide that could translate to the product design


Our process for creating a start of a new brand typically takes about 2 months. This was the same for Newgen, and Corrus. The first few weeks we did a deep dive into the product, market, competitors, and the audience they wish to reach.

From there we start to brainstorm and iterate together to begin building the brand story. This allows us to understand what the brand represents before giving it a visual identity.

As brands are also the people behind them, we include as many client team members as possible to review our ideas and designs. Discovering a brand for Corrus brought us together with great people to create a brand identity that their team and users connect with and love.


Deep Dive of Discovery to Learn About the Product

We started our brand identity exercise with Newgen Software by doing a deep dive into their product, vision, the marketplace, competitors, and the audiences they intended to reach.

Workshops were held for everyone to share ideas and as much information as possible. Our team learned as much as we could in order to get a comprehensive education about the product. We researched product features and the main industries Corrus planned on targeting.

All information was distilled into organized documentation we could reference as we started to brainstorm ideas for a brand story.


Building a Story Based on the Product Vision

At Corrus, they believe in a straightforward, simple approach to the product: make project management easier for our customers.

Corrus was the result of weeks of research into various topics such as; teamwork, navigation, direction, organization, and communication. We explored story ideas ranging from air currents, harmony, to ancient polynesian navigation techniques that could represent the brand in a unique and analogical way.


Finding a Name and Identity to Visual the Brand Story

We had nailed down three solid directions for our brand story, but wanted to build each of them into potential brand name options. This approach let us see the brand story in different ways, which ultimately helped us pick the best option.

There were two themes that struck a chord with us: working in harmony, and working towards completing goals . Combining these two ideas into one gave us the name Corrus.


Create a Brand Guide to Bring it All Together

We had a story and a name! Everyone was thrilled! Now, we had to bring everything together into brand guideline documentation. This would help the Corrus team to stay on brand in the various use cases moving forward.

We built a brand identity guide to include the; story, name, logo, palette, typography, iconography, and trademark uses. This was accompanied by all files, assets, and documentation for the Corrus team to use digitally and for print.


Together with the Newgen marketing team, we were able to create a new brand and story to represent the product in the marketplace and that resonated with users. From there, the brand guildelines were used in product and marketing campaigns to support the launch of this great new project management system.

Corrus was a success!

  • CorrusA new brand name for a great project management product
  • Brand StoryWorking in harmony, and towards completing goals
  • Brand GuidelinesScalable brand guidelines for the Corrus team to follow, use across their business and build upon for the future

“Working with Cog1 was a great experience. We created our brand, Corrus, that can now represent our product in the marketplace.”

—Shubhi Nigam
NewGen Software - Corrus Marketing Director



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