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Cog1 - Case Study - The Blue Bear School of Music

Case Studies—The Blue Bear School of Music

Creating Engagement and Leads for the Blue Bear School of Music

Cog1 was asked to build a digital marketing strategy that could generate more brand recognition and traffic in order to drives enrollments in multiple programs for Blue Bear School of Music.

We uncovered many opportunities in the digital marketing and operational systems that could be optimized to connect with more interested students, create a more seamless user experience, and increase recognition of the Blue Bear value.


  1. 01. Increase traffic to the website
  2. 02. Communicate value proposition across programs
  3. 03. Create a simplified user experience
  4. 04. Find brand advocates in the community
  5. 05. Work within a small budget


The first step in our engagement was to perform a full digital marketing audit of The Blue Bear Music system. This allowed us to build a detailed strategy based and prioritize their needs throughout the year.

We proceeded across social, paid, branded content, and owned media by planning time and budgets on a month to month basis. We met each week with key stakeholders to review data, progress, and discuss prioritization of work.

A focused strategy, targeted audiences, and thoughtful content solution was essential to build credibility, drive more leads, and build community engagement for the music school.


Create a Multi-Channel Strategy Around the San Francisco Community

We performed an audit of The Blue Bear School of Music digital marketing system, along with key user journeys. Our main take aways were that we needed to build our community social engagement, discover target audiences, organize content, and create a clearer user journey for sign up and class registration.

The strategy was built around credibility, content, and user flows within a localized multi-channel ecosystem. Students spanned all ages across many programs, so we targeted groups specifically in order to discover more about them.


Build Campaigns to Focus on Specific Programs

Our team targeted specific groups in order to focus and direct them on paths to specific programs. Campaigns ranged from targeting parents of Little Bears to full adult Jam Band performances. We built custom landing pages to accompany our other social and paid media efforts.

We were able to learn about our audiences through our data analysis. The data was used to optimize our campaigns and deliver valuable information that could be used for other marketing initiatives.


Work with Community Development Team to Generate Social Media Content

Our social media team worked with Blue Bear’s community team to build a stronger and more organized presence through social media. We began with sharing standards and best practices for community engagement, content creation, and social
media management.

We met weekly to discuss progress, analyze reports, and plan the content calendar. Cog1 frequently participated in Blue Bear events throughout San Francisco to learn more about our client, their community, and see our
new friends.


Organize Content to Quickly Communicate the Unique Value Proposition

A major priority for The Blue Bear owned media was to organize the content and design user journeys that provided clear calls to action.

Our team worked with the internal team and Blue Bear to understand the operational flow and the steps students need to take in order to sign up for a class. We created a content strategy and built landing pages that provide visitors with a way to quickly understand the value proposition, sign up for a class, and get essential program information.


Multi-channel campaigns coupled with a new content strategy allowed new and existing students to have more engagement with the many aspects of the Blue Bear community and increase enrollments.

Our work optimized the operational workflow of their onboarding system, which streamlined process and allowed The Blue Bear team to spend time on higher priority tasks.

  • 150%Increase in website traffic
  • 300%Increase in social engagement
  • Landing PagesClear content strategy and enrollment information for new visitors
  • Analytics PlanSet up a analytics plan and reporting schedule for all associated channels

“I’m very impressed with the quality of work, dedication to our program, and the connection made with our team and community.”

—Steve Savage, Phd.
The Blue Bear School of Music - Executive Director






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