Smart Phone … Heads.

The site invites users to join the SanDisk community, download exclusive content by world renowned musicians/artists and create and download ringtones to their mobile phone.

Wake up your phone is a clean and highly interactive user experience utilizing 3D animation elements backed by a powerful Drupal content management system (CMS). The proprietary flash theme framework can be controlled via Drupal’s normal content and theme tools. From page component position, component type and content stream, themes can create, add new flash elements and tie them to Drupal’s designated data type.

Rich media Transcoding servers automatically transcode uploaded content into multiple formats, in order to support the different rendering devices. The media filing system is fully scalable, including a storage abstraction layer to manage all the existing content. This powerful tool allows the file system to be relocated/redirected to a CDN or a Cloud base farm at a later date, with zero impact on user’s experience.

Project Images