No Really. You Should.

Quick fact:
Most bartenders make less than minimum wage.

In fact, hourly wages barely pay the average bartender’s taxes. This means that if they didn’t work at a bar, a bartender would not even be able to buy themselves a drink given the exorbitant prices the bars charge for their drinks. And although you may think that $1 is a huge tip, when your drink costs $12, you are actually giving less than 10%.

Help you pay homage to the people who facilitate your adulthood shenanigans without dipping into your own pockets with Tip Your Bartender. Tip Your Bartender is a nation-wide, multi-city app that encourages drinkers & pourers alike to visit their city-specific Voice Media Facebook page. Spectators can search for their favorite local bartenders by name or city to check out their personalized profiles, vote, and keep track of contenders on the leaderboard. Bartenders can enter the competition and nag their usual booze hounds for votes. What’s in it for them, you ask? The bartender with the most votes wins $999 (imagine how many drinks that could buy)! Who knows, with enough votes, your bartender might even be persuaded into sending some free booze your way. So grab your mobile phone, pull up the FB app, and flash them a cheesy grin as you click a vote in their favor.

We had the pleasure of working with Voice Media (formerly the Village Voice) and Sailor Jerry’s to design this captivating and unique idea to get some money into the pockets of your favorite local booze purveyors. With our creative juices fueled, yes… by Sailor Jerry’s rum, we designed and built the innovative Tip Your Bartender Facebook app, which does indeed utilize the Facebook Open Graph API to achieve maximum obnoxios-tivity all over the web. Now that’s something we can drink to!

Please… Respect the legacy.

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