Big and Fast, a killer combo

COG1 was tasked with a complete re-design and re-engineering of the web presence for SanDisk’s “sansa” line of audio/video players.

The site features a seamless melding of bleeding-edge web tech, including the Drupal CMS framework, jQuery/AJAX and Flash/Flex. While we love Flash, sometimes AJAX presents better solutions, especially when you’re building a site on top of the Drupal CMS, which doesn’t have built-in support for Flash. But why settle for one when you can have both? integrates Flash and AJAX to UIs to create a seamless interface that is visually rich, but also highly functional. This site has helped pioneer an XML injection technique that significantly improves performance. In testing, load times of complex Flash pages were reduced by as much as 30%.

Wrapped around that architecture is a beautiful skin crafted via original art, motion graphics, and custom 3D work. was built to look good yet be fast, scalable, customizable, localizable and ready for millions of users on day one.

Project Images