Post Apocalypse Now

The fanboys are frothing at the mouse over this one…

We used Papervision to create the 3D environment for Rage. The camera moves through a 3D space of 2D layers, creating a pleasing parallax effect as the user navigates around ultra-high resolution imagery. Audio amplitude and position are also adjusted relative to the camera, creating a 3D soundscape that changes as the user explores.

The scene is brought to life using a combination of rendered animations, layer tweens, and overlays. The scene is fully interactive, and we devised an intuitive cursor system that allows users to transition into “hotspot” areas using only their mouse. Transitions are rendered using PixelBender, Adobe’s cutting edge image processing technology.

Every aspect of the site is customizable through external data, so we were able to create slightly different versions of the environment for each of the 5 weeks that chronicle the main character’s journey.

Finally, we applied a battery of compression and optimization techniques to ensure that users experiences the level of visual quality and performance they expect from an EA product, without sacrificing performance.

When diving into the site and exploring the virtual environment, be sure to click on the kiosk. It houses bonus feature content, including sound bytes in the form of radio transmissions, and a motion graphics teaser. To access the teaser, enter the code “generalcross” to start the video.

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Project Awards

Silver Addy2010

District - Interactive Media

Silver Addy2010

Regional - Interactive Media