How Low Will America Go?

Price My Pride is the world’s first REVERSE auction site for your pride.

Here, users bid against each other to see who will perform humiliating challenges for the LEAST amount of cash. Our host and crew then visit the “winners” on-location as they perform their stunts for the prize money. After that, those of us with at least a shred of dignity get to sit back and watch highlights of the spectacle in the 30 minute weekly show.

Notoriety is the real currency here. Although each challenge begins with a cash prize worth tens of thousands of dollars, by the time the auction closes the actual winning bids are appallingly low. In addition to the cash prizes the “winners” receive, Price My Pride also awards ridiculous, yet strangely appealing prizes to winners of online only “mini challenges”.

The Challenges

The challenges are designed to tell us what exactly people will put themselves through to achieve the American dream of fame (or its “red headed stepchild” infamy).” These stunts are not scary or dangerous. They don’t focus on eating gross things. Nor are they designed to be performed in front of unsuspecting people thereby capturing their shocked reactions. The key differentiation is that our challenges are designed to be shameful to the performer and hilarious to everyone watching. Simply put, they are acts that NOBODY should do for ANY amount of money, let alone the “least” amount of cash possible.

The Reverse Auction

This is the secret sauce. At any given time there are no less than 50 active auctions live on the site. Engaged users make bids and counter-bids in real-time using their phones and/or their computers.

Passive, more voyeuristic, audience members are entertained while watching exclusive web only content and the “hot auction action” of bidding wars. This show realizes the true potential of cross platform entertainment. The majority of interactive elements for original programming is just recycled video on the web. It’s completely indistinguishable from what you would find on TV— the only difference is you’re watching video on a computer monitor and not a television set.

The entire concept and execution of our show is crafted to fully realize the interactivity and user engagement that only true cross platform programming can deliver. Our show is both “lean back” and “lean forward” giving users an opportunity to get involved, participate and interact with the show where, whenever they desire.

Pride Patrol

Think Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol on crack … this is the Pride Patrol. Every episode features two prizes anyone can win. Prize #1 is the cash prize for the auction (if the auction did NOT go into positive territory). This prize is awarded to the lowest bidder.

Prize #2 is awarded to the winner of the popular vote. The popular vote applies to the online only “mini challenges”. On a fixed schedule users vote for their favorite mini challenge contestant. At the end of this time period, that person is declared the winner of the popular vote. The winner of the popular vote can, via delivery from the “The Pride Patrol” wins such awesomely ridiculous items like “50,003 Individually Wrapped Slim Jims”, or “their weight in Doritos”.

The only thing more ridiculous than the prize is the mayhem that surrounds the actual delivery of the prize. ‘Lowlights’ include a forklift dropping off and then abandoning the winner with a pallet of Slim Jims or 10 dirty clowns emptying out of the rust and primer covered Pride Patrol van in front of the winner’s grandmother’s house.

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