Bugs, Sweat and Gears…

Ask, Race or Become a real NASCAR driver!

PitRoad is by far one of our favorite mobile app projects to date. Pit Road highlights your favorite NASCAR drivers in three mini-games, combining flavors from antique carnival games with stellar custom graphics to create a truly unique experience. We let the user digitally try on racing suits, play a challenging racing game or ask their favorite driver a question about the future.

Try your luck with Ask The Driver, a Magic 8-ball style game which features actual NASCAR driver voices and photos. Ask them everything, from whether you’ll get that big promotion, or if your girlfriend is cheating on you with the pool boy. Getting your fortune told by a master NASCAR driver will surely bring you luck.

Ever dream of racing against other NASCAR drivers? Well, gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines! In Get Behind The Wheel, you can use your touch screen to turn the crank and move your car towards the finish line. It’s not as easy as it seems; the challenge is to keep your car at a certain speed. Once you find your sweet spot, you’ll soon be at the finish line!

If merely racing is not enough for you, we took it one step further. Become The Driver is reminiscent of the cardboard cutouts you see at carnivals (the kind where you can magically become a body builder or a bikini clad babe), and actually allows you to become a NASCAR driver. Simply take a picture, position your driver’s suit in the right place, and share on Facebook for instant notoriety.

Built for both Android and iOS platforms, the app includes actual NASCAR driver photos and sound bytes, recorded specifically for the app. Give it a try; this is probably the closest you’ll get to man-handling a NASCAR driver without getting into legal trouble after all.

Game on!

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