The Art of the Mixtape

Nothing says “I’m going to stalk you” quite like a mixtape.

Remember the good ol’ days when you had to spend hours dubbing and customizing a cassette tape in order to listen to what you actually wanted to? COG1 has brought back the old school while redefining what a playlist is and should be – personal expression you can rock out to.

Visitors first choose from a library of songs and images, (as well as upload their own) to create customized mixtapes which can be embedded and shared on any social networking platform. With the Fuzz Mixtape Generator, your precious love mementos and drinkin’ mixes can be heard outside of your drop-top Camaro and your mothers basement, with a look and feel you just can’t get with duct tape and sharpie alone.

The tape and case animations are created using the Papervision 3D library. Everybody is using Papervison to make navigable 3D spaces while ignoring one of the coolest features about PaperVision … namely that you can in real time make dynamic graphical changes to every single facet of your 3D model. Our mixtape and cassette case are Collada models created in 3D Studio. The models’ translucent textures are applied at run time. That means all 43 facets of the model and all textures are dynamic so a user can change the text, or drag and drop custom uploaded sprites and images onto the 3D model and instantaneously see their customizations updated in real time applied to the fully functional and interactive 3D model.

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