Making Enterprise Data Storage Fun

(ok…less boring)

We had the privilege of working with NetApp an amazingly successful, Fortune 100 company. For this effort we were tasked with designing and developing from the ground up a “tower defense” game that would speak to information technologists (nerds).

Our ambitious game features 5 levels, 200 waves, 9 custom illustrated towers, and 29 custom designed enemies. Such a feat was only possible thanks to our very own (almost mystical) nerd powers. For this game we created a highly customizable, data driven game engine, which allowed design and marketing teams (not nerds) to tweak every aspect of play in real time via a powerful Flex-based configuration utility. (Needless to say, we didn’t tell the marketing folks any of that. We told em it was shiny, new and did magical things. They seemed OK with that.)

Project Images