I’m a level 13 elf (but so very alone)

For IFC Films latest documentary “Darkon” we created this kiosk based application for use at the San Diego comic book festival COMICON.

“Darkon” takes an in-depth look at the world of Live Action Fantasy Role Playing Games (or LARPs in nerd). Challenged (READ: FORCED) by the client to create a “fantasy name generator” we did our best to take a tired requirement and make it come alive in a fresh new way.

By answering a series of poignant questions like: “Would you hook up with a 105 year old (but still smoking hot) wood nymph?” or “Would you rather be killed by Furry Woodland Creatures or In A Sea of Flesh and Gravy?”, our site takes the user on a mystical and magical journey of self-discovery resulting in the user being bestowed with an entertaining fictional name they could use while playing live action role playing games.

While not directly teasing the Dungeons and Dragon set, the game certainly does take a very tongue in cheek approach to what is admittedly a pretty damn nerdy thing to do.

Project Images