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CubeBuilder is the latest from Adobe’s Flex marketing strategies. The concept is a spawn of the Flex booth from Adobe MAXX 2009 which featured a variety of retro games and graphics all created with the retro coder in mind. The app was featured at Adobe MAXX 2010 as an arcade version of the Facebook app.

Our target audience already knows how to make pictures move, how to code interfaces and how to battle with the Flash debugger. We decided to approach this user group with the quintessential nerd in mind. The first question though, where to find these nerds. Amazingly enough, we employ enough of them that we didn’t even need to leave the office to find them. Our team of interactive developers was the perfect target for this project and did a steller job of concepting and combining the perfect blend of retro, nerd and Flash programming into one app.

Using Flex itself to build the game, and harnessing the power of Adobe’s “block” based marketing, we created the Cube Builder concept. Basically, making the impossible concept of working within the confines of a cubicle fun. With a list of cubicle shwag and a challenging trivia game, we actually made cubicles sexy.

The gameplay is based on trivia question which integrate both general trivia and Flex trivia. At certain intervals throughout the trivia game we engage the user in a fun arcade game based on the Blox concept. The gameplay gets more and more difficult with each level, and users can play up to level 10 where they are given a final option to customize their cube.

Once customized, their cube is available on their Facebook wall for all of the friends to see and comment on. The wall post links back to the game and eventually the entire Flex community is involved!

Within the first month:

  • 26,000 monthly active users
  • Over 8,000 total application installs

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