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COG1 gets our classy on!, the world’s leading online specialty provider of wall art, and COG1 have created artMatch™, a fun new way to discover and enjoy art! Take a photo of art you love and instantly find exact and similar matches for sale on

Browse collections of art and learn more about any work or artist, and SuperZoom to see brushstrokes and texture!

Once you’ve found something you like, you can see how it would look on your wall with the Visualizer tool. Select a piece of art, choose a frame if you like, then shoot a picture of it on your wall using your device’s camera. The images are saved right to your phone, in your gallery within the app, and can be shared via email or Facebook.

Of course if you just have to have the real thing hanging on your wall, you can buy art right on the app.

Check out artMatch today. It’s free in the iTunes App Store.

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“It’s ideal for museums, restaurants or doctor’s offices, basically anywhere where you’re likely to see well-known originals or prints.”