pantless and proud

It’s a community where like-minded folks can come together and shed societies leg shackles. It’s also a place where you can look at pictures of semi-naked strangers.

AWWOP is yet another in a series of highly original projects created for FUSE TV. This time we created a campaign to support their hit TV show ‘Pants Off Dance Off’ whose plot line is this: strangers strip down to their underwear infront of their favorite music videos. The End.

This campaign attempted to solve a question we’ve always had. What would it look like if you could see, in real time, a social network actually grow and spread across the world … and would it be even cooler if said network involved people without pants?

What we think is pretty damn cool is that on AWWOP the location of every single user in every social networks is plotted against a map of the entire world. This enables any viewer to see in real time the linear progression and growth of the social network while seeing each networks relative scope and size. Plus you can listen to our latest hit song, “Your Crotch is a Beautiful Jungle”.

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AddyJune 08, 2008

Interactive Media Web / Online Campaign