COG1's strength lies in our continued ability to serve up mind-blowing concepting, award winning design, and face-melting steezified goodness. Our design team projects your brand’s voice in a clear, confident tone across multiple channels. We make a commitment to give the user an interface which enables them to engage with your brand. And we promise to the user that the experience they are about to have will not suck. Our goal is to bring a balance between aesthetic and functionality to your marketing vision.


Creativity isn’t exclusive to the design team. At COG1 our developers are creative people too, constantly reaching for new code, new ideas, and new strategies for creating a seamless user experience. If design is the promise that the user experience won't suck, then development is the promise that that experience will work. We love interactive because we thrive on the speed at which everything changes. Opportunities are everywhere and we seize those opportunities with a passion.


COG1 specializes in engaging interactive experiences and is platform agnostic, meaning if a technology exists, we can build it. From mobile applications to networks to corporate enterprise CMS systems, we can handle any platform comfortably. Regardless of the platform, we execute the most effective solution possible. We focus on a consistent user experience for your customer, in any capacity, and always hit our deadlines and stay within your budget.