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Founded in 2001, experts in all things digital, strategically grounded, and independent. We are a collection of dreamers, thinkers, doers, designers, strategists, and writers. We’ve had the privilege of working throughout the digital landscape on a wide range of experiences. Trusted by the biggest brands and startups alike, we transform ideas into high performing experiences.



X2 Cannes Lions

Samurai Kittens | Finalist Pacha NYC | Finalist

X1 The One Show

Samurai Kittens | Merit. New Media Advertising

X4 Adtechs

HBO Films | Email Marketing

X39 Addys

Samurai Kittens | Finalist Too cool for yule | National Sony Dualplay | National

X1 Adweek

Eye see you | Sony ps2 & House of blues

X1 Clio Shortlist

MCA records | mail. Internet Advertising

X1 Mixx

Pimp my tree | Bronze. Viral Campaign


I'm interested in
I have a budget between
and need to get this by


that digital experiences should unleash profound value for all who interact

with them.

An experience that has been designed to optimize value for its participants - regardless of
their role - that listens, acknowledges and accurately predicts their needs - is an experience that
engenders trust, resulting in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.
We believe that the very idea of 'user' unintentionally
prioritizes function over form -

It Is Mechanistic, Linear, Transactional

- yet the desire to connect, to form
lasting relationships, is at the core
of the human experience. It's hard-
wired into our DNA. Users, after all,
are first and foremost humans.


Dynamic, persistent, interwoven streams of thought, art and architecture
that produce intuitive, high-functioning,
visceral design.
Design that inspires as much as it informs,
that invokes feelings as often as thoughts,
that converts through
connection, conversation and collaboration.

At Cog1,
We Fight For The

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