Introducing Mark, COG1′s Newest Design Unicorn

Innovative, confident, experienced, inspiring, and efficient – these are all qualities that a creative director should possess. Lucky for us, our brand new Creative Director/design unicorn Mark Junkunc is all of these things and more. Although you would never guess by looking at him; he’s incredibly sharp and equally humble, something you don’t usually see with people in his position.

Mark discovered his creative spark early on in life, when he started drawing as a young boy to express himself. His talent for illustration evolved into design, and he quickly became the art expert among his group of friends. It didn’t take long for Mark’s creativity to outgrow his Detroit surroundings, so he packed his bags and headed to The Art Institute of Colorado. Though he was able to strengthen his design chops in Denver, it didn’t take this design unicorn long to realize all of the opportunities that could be waiting for him in San Francisco. It was here that he found his tribe among the other street artists and musicians that inject so much life into this city.

With two solid years of experience as Art Director at HP and countless freelance projects under his belt, Mark’s presence at COG1 is truly a gift from the design gods (that rain dance we did must’ve worked). Mark finds constant inspiration from the collective consciousness that surrounds him and considers his transition to the COG1 family as a chance to collaborate with like-minded people. Although he has just arrived, it is clear that he has a passion to make an impact through design and technology (with Hacking for Homelessness next on his radar), and has big plans to take COG1 to the next level.

Well design unicorn, we’re up for the challenge.