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Mobile development with Cacoo

An essential part of our project development process, here at COG1, involves concepting and planning. This is, actually, one of our favorite part of the project cycle. Whether it’s over the pingpong table or in the conference lounge in the office, or down at the Bloodhound, we put a lot of creative energy into the planning and “ideating” prior to building a site or mobile app.

At some point, these ideas need to be documented, put down of paper. We use a variety of tools for this, including a white board, the back of envelopes, napkins, and our rhyme books (notebooks). However, when it comes time, we do utilize the different tools and applications available for the deep-dive planning … the wireframes and flowcharts.

For this, we use Cacoo. It’s a step outside the box of our usual mainstays, including OmniGraffle and Illustrator. Cacoo is a collaborative tool, much like a Google App style tool, where multiple users can collaborate on the same document and create and edit wireframes together.

With teamwork and proper planning, anything is possible…


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