Matt A..

Daytona 500 Behind the Scenes

There’s nothing better than the high pitched revving of Nascar engines racing past and blowing your ear drums… and with Daytona 500 just around the corner, we are hard at work with 3D modeling, Flash and video/sound production here at COG1.

The Daytona 500 project we did for Kroger Foods and YOU Technology gave users an opportunity to experience a piece of Daytona 500 with a 3D modeled track and a game which puts you, the user, into the driver’s seat. It gave shoppers a real sense of the track and the thrill of the race, in 30 seconds flat. You even get a moment of the news chopper panning over the track from above, and the sound of the crowd as your car whizz’s down the historic Victory Lame.

Our weapons of choice for the sound design on this project included Apple’s Soundtrack Pro, Adobe Soundbooth, and Logic; each used for different purposes. Sadly we didn’t get the chance to head out to the track and record the sounds directly, so some sound effects mimicked, some foley; it all came together to provide a maximum racing experience. The result, 30 seconds of thrill, engine rev’s and the moment of truth as your car races over the finish line for a photo finish.


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